Friday, September 27, 2013

Who is your favorite KARDASHIAN?

So, Who are the Kardashians? They are the famous,wealthy,crazy family with their very own reality television show that started years ago, that apparently I got so hooked that I never missed out even one episode. Their the type of family that no matter how crazy they become, they know that they will always have each others back, they know that they will always have their family to turn to no matter what the problem is. I've always found their life interesting, no matter how many times they fight and argue, at the end of the day they would always find ways to compromise.

1.) Bruce Jenner

Ok! So, He's not a Kardashian, but what the heck he's part of the show. and He took responsibility of taking care of the Kardashian siblings when their father passed away.

2.) Kris Jenner

The mother of all Kardashians. The leader. Has done every thing to give her children the future that they all deserve. She made sure that all her children would grow up financially stable, street wise and career wise.

3.) Kourtney Kardashian

The eldest among the Kardashian siblings.  The one I believe to be the smartest and yet the most serious among all the siblings. has two children namely Mason and Penelope with long time boyfriend, Scott Disick. I am a witness to their topsy-turvy whirlwind relationship which was quite evident in their famous television show. but, despite all the drama that they've experienced, their relationship just keeps getting stronger.

4.) Kim Kardashian

The favorite among the siblings. The money maker as what Kris Jenner mentioned on one of their episodes. The prettiest and hottest they say. Had also experienced her fair share of up's and down's, high's and low's in her life. but, remained firm and strong with her family's love and support. She had just given birth to her baby daughter with boy friend, Kanye West.

5.) Khloe Kardashian

The most outspoken among all the siblings. She voices out whatever she wants to say without hesitation. and YES! She is my favorite. There were rumors that she was not a true Kardashian by blood because others gave comments that among the siblings, she was the one who looked different. But, nevertheless, she didn't let this rumors get to her, she remained strong and true to herself. A wife to basketball superstar, Lamar Odom.

6. Rob Kardashian

The only boy. He had difficulties trying to make a name for him self because of the fame and success his sisters are getting. But, this did not stop him from pursuing and leaving his own mark in the industry. 

7.) Kendall Jenner

The Model. She was born and made to be a model with a pretty face, the height, slender body and long legs, she could easily make a mark as a model. She has done various endorsements, runway shows and cover photos for different magazines.

8.) Kylie Jenner

The Youngest. She recently just turned 16. The most gorgeous among all the siblings, I believe. Together with sister Kendall, she also does runway shows, cover shoots for different magazines and various endorsements from different well-known products. More is yet to be expected, so watch out for the youngest Jenner.

So, Whose your favorite Kardashian?


Jay Ann

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