Saturday, October 5, 2013

Got Hooked

I had been a bum for more than a month now. So, since I was bored and had nothing to do but bum around even more. The normal bum stuff like eat, sleep, text, surf the net, eat, sleep, text, surf the net and It goes around in circles every single day. and so, one day while chatting with my best friend on facebook. She asked me to watch this television series which she recently got hooked to, after she sent the link to me, I tried to check it out..

And this is what came up,

My best friend definitely knows how to knock some sense into my bum brain. This story revolves around two waitresses namely Max and Caroline. Max is the streetwise girl who was born in a working class family, while Caroline was born rich but unfortunately lost all her fortune after her dad was arrested. They are both working at a diner, together with Oleg (their perverted chef) and Earl ( their 75 year old black cashier ) which is managed and owned by Han Lee. 

Both Max and Caroline are very determined to make their cupcake business a success with a little faith and luck they both know that they will surely succeed. 

This television series really helped me rise from my boredom HAHAHA =D It's a must watch. Enjoy. They are on their third season which will be aired on October 7. =)


Jay Ann

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