Sunday, June 30, 2013

CODE: Dress Down

There are times when I don't feel like dressing up. So, there's always my Dress Down Code wearing my ever dependable Havaianas paired with my favorite top and shorty shorts. I've done this Dress Down Code every single time I get up from bed feeling lazy. hayss Those lazy days! =D

See what I mean? Dress Down Code is serious business. =D 
I still love the beatles shirt from American Boulevard, Red Flipflops from Havaianas.

Another Dress Down Day =) 
Gray Tank Top from Penshoppe, Black Flipflops from Havaianas, Black Bag from Parisian.

Have you ever felt lazy when dressing up? I wanna know your side of the story =)

Much Love,
Jay Ann


  1. With the super hot weather, I find myself almost always 'dressed down'. Hahaha! Thankfully it's getting cooler now, so I think I can try wearing jeans again.

    1. I haven't worn jeans for the longest the time already. hahaha I most of the time get those lazy days feeling! =)