Sunday, June 30, 2013

Blessed Riza's 23rd Birthday Giveaway

Blessedriza is launching a Birthday giveaway as a treat to her blog followers.

What are the prizes in store for you guys? CLUE: Everything is Useful. =)

Here are the prizes:
1 Box of Green Coffee Extract
3 Necklaces
1 Bracelet
1 Gift Certificate worth of P300 for Free Heart Check-up

I personally like the Free Heart Check-up. Giveaway ends today, July 1, 2013! Hit her up at =)

Much Love,
Jay Ann

Lola Loves Sparkles: Summer Giveaway

Lola Loves Sparkles: Summer Giveaway

EXCITED! Lola Loves Sparkles is giving another one hell of a summer giveaway. What does this include? 

The first prize winner will get the Skin79 Miniature BB Cream set (there are 4 different ones which you can have fun trying out), a Tony Moly Baby Doll Concealer (which is my all time favourite concealer), and a Famous Cosmetics Party Pouch (you'll get a cute animal print pouch with x4 miniature glitter polishes).

The second prize winner will get a gorgeous 72 colour eye shadow palette.

The giveaway will run from today until the end of July. Want these? Hit her up at =) and get the chance to win this cool giveaways! 

Much Love,
Jay Ann

CODE: Dress Down

There are times when I don't feel like dressing up. So, there's always my Dress Down Code wearing my ever dependable Havaianas paired with my favorite top and shorty shorts. I've done this Dress Down Code every single time I get up from bed feeling lazy. hayss Those lazy days! =D

See what I mean? Dress Down Code is serious business. =D 
I still love the beatles shirt from American Boulevard, Red Flipflops from Havaianas.

Another Dress Down Day =) 
Gray Tank Top from Penshoppe, Black Flipflops from Havaianas, Black Bag from Parisian.

Have you ever felt lazy when dressing up? I wanna know your side of the story =)

Much Love,
Jay Ann

Monday, June 24, 2013

Shoes are a Girl's Best Friend

The Shoe Addict in me started just last year. I have this habit but I'm not really sure if it's a good or a bad one wherein if I like a certain shoe design, I tend to buy them in all colors. Want proof? =)

Proof #1

Proof #2

It started from this...

I am not someone whom you can call a "fashionista". Every time I go out with family or friends, I always end up wearing shorty shorts, a top, and my ever dependable collection of Havaianas. I am tamad like that. =D But, ever since I have always, always loved fashion from clothes down to shoes. This can be proven by the number of wedges, pumps, ballet flats, sneakers and flipflops I have properly arranged in shoe racks. My love for fashion grew, and my addiction to blogging began on the day I started checking out Ms. Vern Enciso, Ms. Verniece Enciso and Ms. Camille Co's Fashion blogs. I would literally check their blogs every day. Hit them up, they're fashion Goddesses =)

With the start of my fashion blog addiction, I started my #OOTD's in Instagram. These are some of my #OOTD's Summer of May:

Corset top and Black Skater Skirt from 168ShoppingMall, Black cardigan borrowed from my Ate, Black Bag from Parisian, Pink Ballet Flats from Solemate, Silver Watch from Unisilver.

Black racer back from Rough Rider Jeans, White sleeveless top with Gold spider details from 168 Shopping Mall, Black skirt with Gold skulls from 168 Shopping Mall, Black flipflops from Havaianas, Silver Watch from Unisilver

Sunday, June 23, 2013

Splash Mountain, Laguna

It could have been the typical family SUNDATE where we would go out and spend quality time. This time it's a double celebration, we're celebrating Auntie Jess and Uncle Ben's Wedding Anniversary and Celebrating Mother's day at the same time. We wanted to go to a place we've never been too. Most of my cousins wanted to go swimming. So, we decided to take a two hour drive to Laguna and try out Splash Mountain.

Hong Kong Day III : Ngong Ping Village

Our last day in Hong Kong, But I made the most out of our last day by taking pictures around Mickey's hotel.

That smile your heart moment waking up at Mickey's room.

Saturday, June 22, 2013

Hong kong Day II : Disneyland

This was the day I waited for so long. I didn't even imagine this day would come. This was a dream come true. I'm beginning to sound like a kid already. I couldn't control the excitement anymore. Finally, The day I get to meet Mickey Mouse and the rest of the gang, Including my first love, Winnie the Pooh =)

& So, The fairytale dream come true begins :

First order of business, checking in Mickey's Hotel. The Disneyland Hollywood Hotel =)

Friday, June 7, 2013

Hongkong Day I : Art Basel

This travel is another first for me. My first time to travel outside the Philippines, and the next best thing is to travel with my two Ate's and my 3 year old niece. And so, the Hongkong story begins..

First stop:

Meet my two Ate's Via and Jena and with My 3 year old Niece, Belle. She obviously didn't want to have her picture taken. " Don't chichur me " - Belle

Kalibo Bound :*

Boracay may be over ( I swear it won't be my last visit to paradise). But, Kalibo, Aklan is just around the corner or let's just say a 2 hour drive away by bus. =) So, let's get the ball rolling...

After getting off the bangka from Boracay Island, We took a 2 hour bus ride to Kalibo, Aklan. and took a tricycle to Tita Anette's Aunt's house. We took a few minutes rest upon arriving and went to what seemed like a night market. There were a lot of partying, drinking, dancing and singing in preparation for Ati-Atihan. Again, my first to experience fiesta away from home.