Saturday, December 21, 2013


I was never a fan of downloading new applications on my Iphone. The most I have on my Iphone are Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and Tumbler. But, I was so intrigued with this application that I just had to try it out, just to find out why almost every one on my facebook account is addicted to it. 

So guys, Meet my new favorite:

What is Bitstrips? It is a web and mobile application where in you get to create your own cartoon self, you can even create avatars to represent your friends as well. After doing so, you can start creating your own comic strips in different scenarios. Cool, right? A new amazeball way to keep your friends updated on what your currently up to. =)

Example of one hilarious bitstrips comic! =)

All you have to do is download this amazing application in your app store. Start creating your own avatar, Design your own scenario. and share it on your facebook account. =)

So guys, Have a blast trying out this application =)

Jay Ann

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