Tuesday, December 31, 2013

New Years Resolution

2013 is officially old news now. It is now considered a thing of the past. Let's all say Hello to 2014! =) Every year, I make a list of things that I ought to change, things I need to remember, new things that I should be doing to make me a better person. But 2013 had proven me utterly wrong, last year was an upside down topsy turvy year for me. I gave up my profession, gave up my career as a registered nurse. If you ask me why, I can't give you a direct answer because up to this day, there are still a lot of questions that were left unanswered. I left my hometown, flew all the way to Manila to search for that one thing that will hopefully make me a fulfilled individual, to find that something that will make me happy. I ended up landing a job as a call center agent, It was cool at first, mastering the art of speaking fluently in English came naturally to me because I've been using that dialect since the day I learned how to speak. Being a call center agent is , something that I've always wanted to try. It's something I know I'm good at, Something I know I could excel. But, It didn't make me happy. That's how 2013 was for me, searched, discovered and learned a lot of new things. But, something is still missing and I hope I'll be able to complete that missing part this 2014. 

So what exactly are my New Years Resolution ?

1.) Spend Less, Save More. 

Don't get me wrong. I can reallyyyy save. I have that special ability of saving and spending at the same time. but, this year I'd like to learn how not to spend on things that aren't important, things that I don't need and won't be needing. Like for example, spending moolahs on shoes. This is one addiction that I have to control and get rid of. I have to make my self understand that I already have a bunch of shoes, and I don't need new ones anymore. =)

2.) Early to Bed and Early to rise.

I'll skip this resolution for now because I have always been nocturnal. and right now, It's 5:00 am of January 1st and I'm still wide awake. but, I'll try my best to get my body clock on it's proper form this 2014.

3.) Less Carbs, More Exercise.

I need to get into an exercise routine because 2013 was a carbs year for me. Didn't even care about exercise. This year I need to work out more and eat more fruits, veggies and drinks lotsa water. Avoid my favorite Mountain Dew and My favorite Tenga barbeque from the kanto! =D

4.) Find a permanent job

Find a job that will make me feel happy and fulfilled. A job that will not make me feel that I'm working.  A job that for the first time I would really enjoy and at the end of the day I won't feel stress and burned out about it. A job that I can make a career out of. I just need a freaking job! =)

5.) Find my passion in life

Ever since I was a kid, My passion would always have to be dancing. Dancing is something that I enjoy doing, Every time I dance It makes me forget about things that bring stress to my life. Right now, I need a new passion, something that I will feel excited about, something that will hopefully make me a better ME.=)

6.) Letting go

This year, I'm letting go of everything that had brought me pain. especially those people who only treat me as one of their options. I believe I deserve better!

7.) Travel More

Places that I would love to visit this 2014 : Balesin Island, Singapore, Macau, Indonesia, Bangkok. I know this will be pricey but even just one among the five will be amazing =) I would really love to visit Paris someday, but that will be part of my new years resolution for the year 2030. =D

8.) BE BUSY.

This year, I hope things will be hectic for me, I hope I get to do a lot of things. I hope my organizer for this year will be full of scheduled appointments, meetings, vacations..anything just to keep me busy and to help me forget about the things I should be forgetting and focus on things that needs to be prioritized. I just want to feel that somehow I'm in the right direction, that I'm going somewhere and someday I'll be that someone that I've always wanted to be.

9.) Learn to Live, Love and Be Happy.

These are the three things that I've always wanted to achieve, and I hope I get to live, love and be happy this 2014. Fingers crossed. =)

10.) Be Strong.

I keep telling this to myself, but somewhere in this puny brain of mine, It won't listen. This year I'll make sure everything will be different. I'll live my life one day at a time.  It will be the end of all my dramas that I've been having for 25 years now, I'll start smiling no matter how stressed I am and just simply, be happy =)

Most of the time, I don't get to fulfill my new years resolution but at least I know who I am, and what I want to be starting this year and for the next years to follow. I don't normally tell other people my resolutions but this year, I just felt the urge to share it. 

Whats your New Years Resolution? =)


Jay Ann

Saturday, December 21, 2013


Dear Santa, You've always been my favorite person on my favorite holiday. and I think you know that I have been very good this year. =) Well not that good, but good enough for me to deserve my Christmas wishlist. =D So, here goes.. 

Let's start my Christmas wishlist : 

First off, Every single soul who is a part of my life knows how badly I am addicted to shoes. and every year my Christmas wishlist will always include a good pair of perfect fitting shoes =)

OK! So, I am addicted to shoes. But right now, I'm so loving Heel less wedges that I want all of them in different colors. 

Oh! and here's another one :

Second on my wish list, 

I want a Shibuya Headphone. I want one in Pink. Santa, Please =)

Third one on my wishlist,

Don't get me wrong, I love my Iphone. But, Iphone 5c is just to cute to resist. =)

Fourth on my wishlist, 

Every one wants one! =)

and that concludes my Christmas Wishlist for 2013 =)

Dear Santa, I know all of these are material things that are way to expensive but, whatever you can afford I can deal with it. =D It's just a wish list anyway. But more than these material things, What I really want on my wish list are these three below, not only a wish for myself but for my loved ones as well =)

Thank you in advance, Santa! You rock!


Jay Ann


I was never a fan of downloading new applications on my Iphone. The most I have on my Iphone are Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and Tumbler. But, I was so intrigued with this application that I just had to try it out, just to find out why almost every one on my facebook account is addicted to it. 

So guys, Meet my new favorite:

What is Bitstrips? It is a web and mobile application where in you get to create your own cartoon self, you can even create avatars to represent your friends as well. After doing so, you can start creating your own comic strips in different scenarios. Cool, right? A new amazeball way to keep your friends updated on what your currently up to. =)

Example of one hilarious bitstrips comic! =)

All you have to do is download this amazing application in your app store. Start creating your own avatar, Design your own scenario. and share it on your facebook account. =)

So guys, Have a blast trying out this application =)

Jay Ann

Saturday, October 5, 2013

Got Hooked

I had been a bum for more than a month now. So, since I was bored and had nothing to do but bum around even more. The normal bum stuff like eat, sleep, text, surf the net, eat, sleep, text, surf the net and It goes around in circles every single day. and so, one day while chatting with my best friend on facebook. She asked me to watch this television series which she recently got hooked to, after she sent the link to me, I tried to check it out..

And this is what came up,

My best friend definitely knows how to knock some sense into my bum brain. This story revolves around two waitresses namely Max and Caroline. Max is the streetwise girl who was born in a working class family, while Caroline was born rich but unfortunately lost all her fortune after her dad was arrested. They are both working at a diner, together with Oleg (their perverted chef) and Earl ( their 75 year old black cashier ) which is managed and owned by Han Lee. 

Both Max and Caroline are very determined to make their cupcake business a success with a little faith and luck they both know that they will surely succeed. 

This television series really helped me rise from my boredom HAHAHA =D It's a must watch. Enjoy. They are on their third season which will be aired on October 7. =)


Jay Ann

Monday, September 30, 2013

Tagaytay Weekend Getaway II

Good Morning, Tagaytay! 

I'mmmm...well being the insomniac that I am, haven't slept yet but I'm still packed with so much energy that can last me for 12 hours more ( I hope) =D 

Since Ate Jena is already awake, she dragged me along for breakfast. I immediately said YES, because I know there will be pancakes, my favorite breakfast food. =)

Almost done with breakfast. Time to tour the rest of Tagaytay! =)

First stop, visiting a friend's rest house. The place was beautiful, calming and relaxing. Just what everyone needs, a relaxing environment =) Let me just show you some of the pictures I took. 

I just love it here. It would really be nice waking up every morning having breakfast in the garden with this view =)

This is me, a little crazy. Doing yoga poses. I can't help it. The place is huge that I can do hundred cartwheels around the garden =)

Next stop, CALERUEGA.

This is my first time to set foot at this place. We visited the place just at the right time because we could see the sun set and every thing was picturesque. =)

It would really be perfect to have my own dream wedding here someday =) Aside from weddings, you can also have your retreat in Caleruega, they even have cottages for overnight stay =)

I hope you enjoy viewing my pictures, just as much as I enjoyed taking them =)
Have a wonderful week, loves.


Jay Ann

Tagaytay Weekend Getaway I

My cousins and I, needed a much deserved vacation after a long week. So, we decided to go on a 3 hour road trip to Tagaytay. Home away from home, away from the busy streets of Manila even just for two days would relieve us from stress. and Since, we left home around 4pm, we arrived at Tagaytay around 7:30 in the evening. First order of business, Dinner! We have always, always loved Tagaytay's bulalo and so, we had dinner at Bulalo point! =)

Food was superb! Everything was just oh so delicious! =)


Next order of business, where to check in. We had our drive around Tagaytay searching for a place to crash for the night, and the best place to stay when you're in Tagaytay is none other than at Taal Vista Hotel. Their room rates are normally priced at 8,000 pesos and above, but since both my cousins are SM advantage card holders, we had the price lowered to almost 50% off 4,800 pesos to be exact. Awesome, right? =)

Bonding with cousins. We just love how everything looks and feels cozy =)

What I love about Hotels are their free toiletries. I'm very particular with these items. We don't normally use them, we pack our own stuffs every time we travel. So, what I do I end up packing all these things up and taking them home with me. =)

Checking out the bathroom and ended up taking bathroom pictures with my cousin =)

I wasn't sleepy yet, and so me and my other Ate ended up touring the hotel, and staying at the lobby for free wifi! =)

My favorite place, the Fireplace. The much needed warmth =)

OK! So being the insomniac that I normally am, I ended up staying awake the entire night playing my favorite game " Doors and Rooms ". so freaking addicting! =D

More pictures on my next post =)


Jay Ann


Just last weekend, My cousins and I went to Tagaytay for an overnight vacation away from the busy streets of Manila. I felt really happy being away for awhile, what made it more awesome is being with my two bestest Ates! and so, the reason behind my AWESOME outfit from Lavish Life Closet =)

Photo was taken outside Taal Vista Hotel while waiting for my Ate to give us the GO signal that we've already finally checked in. =)

My "awesome" crop top and gray skirt all from Lavish Life Closet. You can check out their items HERE. These pair make a great team, right? =)

My new favorite watch from Tomato. You can check out more their online shop at www.tomato.ph =) 

Will post photos of our Tagaytay weekend getaway on my next post.


Jay Ann