Monday, September 30, 2013

Tagaytay Weekend Getaway II

Good Morning, Tagaytay! 

I'mmmm...well being the insomniac that I am, haven't slept yet but I'm still packed with so much energy that can last me for 12 hours more ( I hope) =D 

Since Ate Jena is already awake, she dragged me along for breakfast. I immediately said YES, because I know there will be pancakes, my favorite breakfast food. =)

Almost done with breakfast. Time to tour the rest of Tagaytay! =)

First stop, visiting a friend's rest house. The place was beautiful, calming and relaxing. Just what everyone needs, a relaxing environment =) Let me just show you some of the pictures I took. 

I just love it here. It would really be nice waking up every morning having breakfast in the garden with this view =)

This is me, a little crazy. Doing yoga poses. I can't help it. The place is huge that I can do hundred cartwheels around the garden =)

Next stop, CALERUEGA.

This is my first time to set foot at this place. We visited the place just at the right time because we could see the sun set and every thing was picturesque. =)

It would really be perfect to have my own dream wedding here someday =) Aside from weddings, you can also have your retreat in Caleruega, they even have cottages for overnight stay =)

I hope you enjoy viewing my pictures, just as much as I enjoyed taking them =)
Have a wonderful week, loves.


Jay Ann

Tagaytay Weekend Getaway I

My cousins and I, needed a much deserved vacation after a long week. So, we decided to go on a 3 hour road trip to Tagaytay. Home away from home, away from the busy streets of Manila even just for two days would relieve us from stress. and Since, we left home around 4pm, we arrived at Tagaytay around 7:30 in the evening. First order of business, Dinner! We have always, always loved Tagaytay's bulalo and so, we had dinner at Bulalo point! =)

Food was superb! Everything was just oh so delicious! =)


Next order of business, where to check in. We had our drive around Tagaytay searching for a place to crash for the night, and the best place to stay when you're in Tagaytay is none other than at Taal Vista Hotel. Their room rates are normally priced at 8,000 pesos and above, but since both my cousins are SM advantage card holders, we had the price lowered to almost 50% off 4,800 pesos to be exact. Awesome, right? =)

Bonding with cousins. We just love how everything looks and feels cozy =)

What I love about Hotels are their free toiletries. I'm very particular with these items. We don't normally use them, we pack our own stuffs every time we travel. So, what I do I end up packing all these things up and taking them home with me. =)

Checking out the bathroom and ended up taking bathroom pictures with my cousin =)

I wasn't sleepy yet, and so me and my other Ate ended up touring the hotel, and staying at the lobby for free wifi! =)

My favorite place, the Fireplace. The much needed warmth =)

OK! So being the insomniac that I normally am, I ended up staying awake the entire night playing my favorite game " Doors and Rooms ". so freaking addicting! =D

More pictures on my next post =)


Jay Ann


Just last weekend, My cousins and I went to Tagaytay for an overnight vacation away from the busy streets of Manila. I felt really happy being away for awhile, what made it more awesome is being with my two bestest Ates! and so, the reason behind my AWESOME outfit from Lavish Life Closet =)

Photo was taken outside Taal Vista Hotel while waiting for my Ate to give us the GO signal that we've already finally checked in. =)

My "awesome" crop top and gray skirt all from Lavish Life Closet. You can check out their items HERE. These pair make a great team, right? =)

My new favorite watch from Tomato. You can check out more their online shop at =) 

Will post photos of our Tagaytay weekend getaway on my next post.


Jay Ann

Friday, September 27, 2013

Retail Therapy is the answer

Stressed? Depressed? This past few weeks, I've been so damn stressed that the only solution I know that can help me relieve from all the stress and depression, is my favorite cardio workout.. SHOPPING! Where exactly do I go when I feel so down? there are only few shops that I go to, that can actually cheer me up. 

First Stop, 

Japan Home Centre. Since I have always, always love shopping for home stuffs, this shop is definitely a happy place for me. Most of the items are priced for as low as 66php. My favorite items are their black and pink stuffs which include baskets, organizers, carpets, trays. I just love them all and they are all so affordable. 

Second Stop,

I am a book lover by heart. I've always enjoyed reading, ever since I learned how to read. I remembered when I was in grade school, I would always save up money so that I can buy a new pocket book, my favorite is Sweet Valley High. Up to this day, I still have my collection of pocket books with me that's how much I value them. So once in awhile when I'm bored and stressed, I go and check BOOK SALE for affordable books. They may not be new but they are in very good condition. Plus, you have a variety to choose from.

Third Stop,

CD-R King. OK! Now you think I'm weird. but, I assure you I am very normal. The reason I visit this shop is that they have a lot of different, interesting items you can choose from to help you decorate your gadgets. Since, I love decorating my laptop and phone, I end up buying most of the items here. Recently, I bought a cooling fan and USB port for my laptop. I'm planning to buy new speakers on my next visit to Cd-r king. =)

Fourth Stop,

OK! No store in particular, so long as they sell shoes. HAHAHA =D The reason I chose Janylin and Payless is I bought my newest pairs from two of these shops. From my previous blog posts, you all know by now how shoepaholic I am. So, enough said =)

Fifth Stop,

I love their Watch Collection in Tomato, and they are all affordable. Most watches are priced for as low as 800php. I can't leave TriNoma without dropping by Tomato. You can even check out their online shop at for new products and for SALE items that can go as low as 50% off. 

How about you? How do you relieve your stress?


Jay Ann

Who is your favorite KARDASHIAN?

So, Who are the Kardashians? They are the famous,wealthy,crazy family with their very own reality television show that started years ago, that apparently I got so hooked that I never missed out even one episode. Their the type of family that no matter how crazy they become, they know that they will always have each others back, they know that they will always have their family to turn to no matter what the problem is. I've always found their life interesting, no matter how many times they fight and argue, at the end of the day they would always find ways to compromise.

1.) Bruce Jenner

Ok! So, He's not a Kardashian, but what the heck he's part of the show. and He took responsibility of taking care of the Kardashian siblings when their father passed away.

2.) Kris Jenner

The mother of all Kardashians. The leader. Has done every thing to give her children the future that they all deserve. She made sure that all her children would grow up financially stable, street wise and career wise.

3.) Kourtney Kardashian

The eldest among the Kardashian siblings.  The one I believe to be the smartest and yet the most serious among all the siblings. has two children namely Mason and Penelope with long time boyfriend, Scott Disick. I am a witness to their topsy-turvy whirlwind relationship which was quite evident in their famous television show. but, despite all the drama that they've experienced, their relationship just keeps getting stronger.

4.) Kim Kardashian

The favorite among the siblings. The money maker as what Kris Jenner mentioned on one of their episodes. The prettiest and hottest they say. Had also experienced her fair share of up's and down's, high's and low's in her life. but, remained firm and strong with her family's love and support. She had just given birth to her baby daughter with boy friend, Kanye West.

5.) Khloe Kardashian

The most outspoken among all the siblings. She voices out whatever she wants to say without hesitation. and YES! She is my favorite. There were rumors that she was not a true Kardashian by blood because others gave comments that among the siblings, she was the one who looked different. But, nevertheless, she didn't let this rumors get to her, she remained strong and true to herself. A wife to basketball superstar, Lamar Odom.

6. Rob Kardashian

The only boy. He had difficulties trying to make a name for him self because of the fame and success his sisters are getting. But, this did not stop him from pursuing and leaving his own mark in the industry. 

7.) Kendall Jenner

The Model. She was born and made to be a model with a pretty face, the height, slender body and long legs, she could easily make a mark as a model. She has done various endorsements, runway shows and cover photos for different magazines.

8.) Kylie Jenner

The Youngest. She recently just turned 16. The most gorgeous among all the siblings, I believe. Together with sister Kendall, she also does runway shows, cover shoots for different magazines and various endorsements from different well-known products. More is yet to be expected, so watch out for the youngest Jenner.

So, Whose your favorite Kardashian?


Jay Ann

My Favorite Bloggers

A few days ago, I blogged about the 3 bloggers that influenced me, helped me find my inner blogger self, the reason this blog was brought to life. and for that I want to thank Vern Enciso, Verniece Enciso and Camille Co. They opened up my eyes to a whole new world called BLOGGING. Aside from my 3 favorite bloggers, I have a few more favorites on my list. These are blogs that I check every single day for new outfit posts, latest fashion trends, new dishes, upcoming events etc.

1.) by Stephanie Dy

Ms. Stephanie Dy, is one of those few bloggers that I check every so often for latest outfit posts. I looooove her outfit posts, she can sport a glamorous diva outfit now, then rocker chick on her next post. plus, her shoe collection is to die for. =)

2.) by Laureen Uy

Ms. Laureen Uy, is one of those few fashion icons who loves experimenting colors, she can mix and match any print, any color. Even colors and prints you can't imagine being mixed and matched would actually go well together. She can damn well pull off any outfit, matched with the right accessories and the perfect shoes =)

3.) Scene Stealer ( ) by Lissa Kahayon

Ms. Lissa Kahayon, the one I admire most when it comes to dedication and hard work. Her workout routine is to die for (literally =D). and she is one of those few, who has that X factor, who exudes that certain confidence in which you can see in all of her blog posts =)

4.) Styledom ( ) by Jaqui Perez

Ms. Jaqui Perez, I've recently bumped into her blog and from that day on, I got hooked. From time to time, I check out her blog for new outfit posts. Every time she models an outfit for her OOTDs , she has the power to make everything look classy and fresh. plus, you can also check out her daughter's OOTD's on her blog too. A mother-daughter tandem. =)

5.) lalalapatricia ( ) by Patricia Tan

Ms. Patricia Tan. Aside from the known fact that she is a certified fashionista. What I've noticed while reading her blog posts is that there is always a story, a lesson, a thought behind all her blog posts. I admire how much time and effort she gives when making her blog. You can also feel the sincerity and soul behind every post. Even her blog titles sends out a positive vibe, like her previous blogs titled " Life is Beautiful ", " Believe in yourself ", " Turn your inspiration into action " and a lot more to mention. =)

6.) by Rhea Bue  

Ms. Rhea Bue. Even with a simple top, simple dress, simple bottom, no matter how simple that piece of clothing or accessory is she can always turn it extraordinary. with the right accessories and shoes, she can make the entire outfit look extra chic and classy. She definitely knows how to make things work for her, she has the fashion touch that only few are gifted with. =)

7.) Genzel Kisses by Gen-zel

This became one of my favorite, simply because It is one of those few blogs that are very informative especially with regard to make up and the like. Most of her blog posts, are about the latest make ups, the newest fashion trends, about how to take care of your skin and body. Very Informative and helpful. & her blog posts are very interesting and addicting that you end up reading and reading them. Plus, she gives a lot of cool giveaways. =) 

And here I am singing, " and these are a few of my favorite things... " =)


Jay Ann