Monday, September 16, 2013


I will forever be a SHOE SLAVE. When I see a good pair that I badly want, I end up purchasing them no matter what. I think of all the possible reason to turn the WANT into a NEED. Shoes helps me relieve from stress. and since, I was so stressed for the past two weeks. I ended up purchasing two to-die-for heels =)

I've always wanted one of this. and so, when I saw this in JANYLIN, I didn't have the slightest hesitation. I immediately asked them for my size. and It's on sale which gives me all the more the reason to get them. JANYLIN has a branch in TriNoma and they are still on SALE. So, go ahead and grab your own pair too =)

I recently got this pair last Friday at SM Mall of Asia & I was in heaven. This is actually part of the Parisian Collection, It's named Alyssa. No words can ever describe how I felt when I got this pair. Imagine the joy I felt (exaggerating) HAHAHA =D

Now, What's your story? =)

Jay Ann

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