Wednesday, September 18, 2013


Earlier this evening, Our family decided to have dinner out. Great minds truly think alike because when the word " DINNER " was mentioned. Every one immediately thought of Dragon House, Our Family's ever favorite Chinese restaurant that is located at M. H. Del Pilar St.ManilaMetro Manila.  They serve the best noodles in town.

Dragon House has been our favorite Chinese restaurant for generations. I remember indulging in their most scrumptious wanton noodles and siomai, when I was a kid paired with their famous tea, in which they serve while you wait for your orders to be served. As much as I want to post pictures of our early days with Dragon House, I can't seem to find a single photo except these photos which were taken April 2011.

Not every time but most of the time, Our family celebrates special occasions at Dragon House. Just like in this photo, Here we are celebrating my cousins Toni birthday.

These are enough evidence to prove how delicious their foods are. Look at all of my cousin's faces. They all look heartily satisfied.

I give Dragon House a 10/10. They give the best service, employees make sure that you get the best services that they can provide, They are courteous, friendly, attentive and alert. Their place is absolutely clean, you have no complaints with regard to cleanliness. and their food arrangements are very presentable with regard to it's taste, it is exceptional. =)


Jay Ann

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