Tuesday, September 17, 2013


I never really thought of myself as a blogger. This was entirely unplanned, I'm the type of person who has everything in order, things planned and organized. So, having this blog is something really new to me. I don't even know where and how to begin. But, what exactly inspired me to start one? Not, exactly WHAT but more of a WHO =) I've always loved fashion, and I've always found inspiration reading their blogs. I always make it a point to check their blogs every day, to check out their product endorsements, their new outfit posts, their recent travels etc.& They give me something to look forward to every single day <3

The Enciso sisters. Some mistake them for twins. But, who can blame them, their both equally gorgeous and both armed with great fashion sense. They used to have two different fashion blogs, but just last summer of this year, the Enciso sisters decided to have a mash up and collaborated into doing one amazing blog which has everything from life, fashion, beauty, places they've traveled, food, and latest events. http://www.vernverniece.com/

Camille Co. A fashion designer and co-owner of CO EXIST. and the new face of  TOMATO. She personally designed her line adding The Camille Co touch on every piece. The first time I read Camille Co's blog, I was at awe and got hooked right then and there. She has this amazing outlook with regard to fashion. She can mix and match different styles and patterns and still make it look well put and classy. She seems to have fashion powers ( couldn't put into words how amazing she is ) =D 

They are and will always be my inspiration. They helped me find my inner blogger self. & I couldn't last a day without checking out their blogs. So, go ahead and check them out now. Beware: IT'S ADDICTING =)

Jay Ann

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