Friday, September 27, 2013

Retail Therapy is the answer

Stressed? Depressed? This past few weeks, I've been so damn stressed that the only solution I know that can help me relieve from all the stress and depression, is my favorite cardio workout.. SHOPPING! Where exactly do I go when I feel so down? there are only few shops that I go to, that can actually cheer me up. 

First Stop, 

Japan Home Centre. Since I have always, always love shopping for home stuffs, this shop is definitely a happy place for me. Most of the items are priced for as low as 66php. My favorite items are their black and pink stuffs which include baskets, organizers, carpets, trays. I just love them all and they are all so affordable. 

Second Stop,

I am a book lover by heart. I've always enjoyed reading, ever since I learned how to read. I remembered when I was in grade school, I would always save up money so that I can buy a new pocket book, my favorite is Sweet Valley High. Up to this day, I still have my collection of pocket books with me that's how much I value them. So once in awhile when I'm bored and stressed, I go and check BOOK SALE for affordable books. They may not be new but they are in very good condition. Plus, you have a variety to choose from.

Third Stop,

CD-R King. OK! Now you think I'm weird. but, I assure you I am very normal. The reason I visit this shop is that they have a lot of different, interesting items you can choose from to help you decorate your gadgets. Since, I love decorating my laptop and phone, I end up buying most of the items here. Recently, I bought a cooling fan and USB port for my laptop. I'm planning to buy new speakers on my next visit to Cd-r king. =)

Fourth Stop,

OK! No store in particular, so long as they sell shoes. HAHAHA =D The reason I chose Janylin and Payless is I bought my newest pairs from two of these shops. From my previous blog posts, you all know by now how shoepaholic I am. So, enough said =)

Fifth Stop,

I love their Watch Collection in Tomato, and they are all affordable. Most watches are priced for as low as 800php. I can't leave TriNoma without dropping by Tomato. You can even check out their online shop at for new products and for SALE items that can go as low as 50% off. 

How about you? How do you relieve your stress?


Jay Ann

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