Friday, June 7, 2013

Hongkong Day I : Art Basel

This travel is another first for me. My first time to travel outside the Philippines, and the next best thing is to travel with my two Ate's and my 3 year old niece. And so, the Hongkong story begins..

First stop:

Meet my two Ate's Via and Jena and with My 3 year old Niece, Belle. She obviously didn't want to have her picture taken. " Don't chichur me " - Belle

Thank you, Is for the photo.Just a walk in the park on our way to the Avenue of Stars.

On our way. Just follow the arrows =)

The great giant rubber ducky.

Trying out Hongkong's ferry ride going to the Art Basel. =)

Ferry ride with my Ate's Via and Jena and with Kuya Winner.

Another first for me. My first ever Art exhibit I attended. Kuya Winner, My Ate Via's bf is part of this exhibit. 

Here we are, making fools out of ourselves. =D

This looked really scary. It's as if it was real, like it's going to stand up and grab me. =D

Presenting Kuya Winner Jumalon's paintings

This time she wanted her picture taken.

Ate via standing beside the painting that she modeled for.

Ate Jena is also the model for this painting.

I am not the model for this painting, wish I was =)

We went to a night market after visiting the art exhibit. didn't take pictures in the night market. You guys know how I react when it comes to malls, night markets, shopping.. shopping. hahaha =D

Corset top and Black Skater skirt from 168shoppingmall, Black Cardigan borrowed from my Ate, Black Bag from Parisian, Pink Ballet flats from Solemate, Silver Watch from Unisilver.

Much Love,
Jay Ann :*

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